What do you grow?

We grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. We aim to be a one stop shop, letting you check as much off your shopping list as possible while visiting our market stand. Because we mostly grow outside, our vegetables and flowers are seasonal and subject to the elements.

Where can I buy your produce & flowers?

You can find us at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market Tuesdays & Saturdays, 8-1 (Saturdays year round, Tuesdays May-November). You can also often find our goods at the La Montanita Co-op and other local establishments. 

If you want to ensure you have our fresh veggies all summer, sign up for a CSA share by May 15th!

Do you sell produce & flowers wholesale?

Yes! Please email: greentractorcsa@gmail.com.

What are your growing practices? 

We follow organic growing practices, as we’ve been certified organic since 2006. We use compost, natural fertilizers, and cover crops to build our soil fertility, practice integrated pest management, and conserve water via our irrigation methods. For the most part we grow outside, and have a couple of hoop houses to extend our season and protect our plants.

Do you deliver?

Currently, we do not offer delivery.

Can I come to the farm?

Unless you’re picking up an order or a CSA share, sorry, but we do not have visitors out to the farm. 

Can I reserve flowers for my event later in the year?

Maybe! Please send us an email outlining your request and event date.

Will you design flowers for my wedding or event? Do you do floral installations?

Please contact us for event information! We're currently offering bulk buckets for diy brides and small wedding packages.  

Why should I buy local, organic food and flowers?

When you buy from us, your produce and flowers are fresher, cleaner, healthier, ethical, and less wasteful of resources and packaging than conventional, shipped-in products. Organic food and flowers have a lower carbon footprint than conventionally grown products and do not use synthetic chemical pesticides or herbicides that degrade and pollute their environments. Buying local also strengthens our community’s economy and directly supports and provides jobs.